Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

(No Stakeholder) Driver
 Government Reporting Systems
Bis–Man Emergency Management AgenciesProvidesBis–Man Emergency Vehicles
OwnsBis–Man Emergency Vehicles
OperatesBis–Man Emergency Vehicles
UsesBis–Man Emergency Vehicles
ManagesBis–Man Emergency Vehicles
MaintainsBis–Man Emergency Vehicles
Bis–Man MPOProvidesBis–Man Data Archival
MaintainsBis–Man Data Archival
ManagesBis–Man Data Archival
Bis–Man TransitOwnsBis–Man Transit Center
 Bis–Man Transit Drivers
 Bis–Man Transit Operator
OwnsBis–Man Transit Vehicles
OwnsTransit Fare Card
Bismarck Engineering Bismarck Engineers
OwnsBismarck TOC
OwnsBismarck TOC Field Devices
Bismarck PWOwnsBismarck PW Field Devices
OperatesBismarck PW Field Devices
MaintainsBismarck PW Field Devices
InstallsBismarck PW Field Devices
UsesBismarck PW Field Devices
ManagesBismarck PW Field Devices
OwnsBismarck PW Operations Center
InstallsBismarck PW Vehicles
OwnsBismarck PW Vehicles
MaintainsBismarck PW Vehicles
UsesBismarck PW Vehicles
OperatesBismarck PW Vehicles
ManagesBismarck PW Vehicles
CenComOwnsBis–Man Data Archival
OwnsCentral Dakota Communications Center
Lincoln PWOwnsLincoln PW
OperatesLincoln PW Vehicles
OwnsLincoln PW Vehicles
Mandan EngineeringOwnsMandan Engineering Field Devices
OwnsMandan Traffic Engineering
ManagesMandan Traffic Engineering
OperatesMandan Traffic Engineering
Mandan PWOwnsMandan PW Operations Center
OwnsMandan PW Vehicles
Morton County EngineeringOwnsMorton County PW
OwnsMorton County PW vehicles
OperatesMorton County PW vehicles
MaintainsMorton County PW vehicles
Morton County OEMOwnsMorton County Communications
MaintainsMorton County Communications
ManagesMorton County Communications
Morton County SheriffOperatesMorton County Communications
OwnsMorton County Sheriff Vehicles
ND DESOwnsState Radio
NDDOT Bis DistOwnsNDDOT District Field Devices
OwnsNDDOT District Office
OwnsNDDOT District Vehicles
NDHP BismarckMaintainsNDHP Vehicles
OperatesNDHP Vehicles
OwnsNDHP Vehicles