The regional ITS architecture is an integral part of the planning process, providing a structured way to translate operational goals and objectives into an interconnected set of ITS projects. This page identifies the planning golas and objectives with the performance measures that are supported by the regional ITS architecture.

1GoalSafety and Security
1.1ObjectiveTransit riders safety and security
1.2ObjectiveFacilitate first responders movement and support incident management
2GoalInfrastructure Condition
2.1ObjectiveStreet Signage
2.2ObjectiveTransit Maintenance
2.3ObjectiveTraffic Maintenance
3GoalCongestion Reduction
3.1ObjectiveReduce Travel Delays
3.2ObjectiveCorridor Maintenance
3.3ObjectiveMultimodal Systems Improvement
4GoalSystem Reliability for Freight Movement and Economic Vitality
4.1ObjectiveSafe and Efficient Freight Movement
5GoalAlternative Transportation Modes to Automobile Travel
5.1ObjectiveImprove Transit Coordination and Operation
5.2ObjectiveImprovement on Suburban Transit Opportunities
6GoalPerformance Measures