Each stakeholder agency, company, or group owns, operates, maintains or plans ITS systems in the region. The Regional ITS Architecture inventory is a list of "elements" that represent all existing and planned ITS systems in a region as well as non–ITS systems that provide information to or get information from the ITS systems.

Bis–Man Data ArchivalSystems (e.g., databases, models, analytical tools, user interface devices) to acquire data and analyses results from the archive.
Bis–Man Emergency VehiclesFire, police, ambulance, and other emergency vehicles in the Bis–Man area.
Bis–Man Transit CenterBismarck Mandan Transit Center
Bis–Man Transit DriversPerson that receives and provides additional information that is specific to operating the ITS functions in all types of transit vehicles
Bis–Man Transit OperatorPersonnel for fleet management, maintenance operations, and scheduling activities
Bis–Man Transit VehiclesBis–Man Transit vehicles
Bismarck EngineersBismarck traffic engineering personnel
Bismarck PW Field DevicesMCO Field Devices include sensors, displays, and cameras for operational purposes of maintenance and construction.
Bismarck PW Operations CenterBismarck–Mandan Maintenance and Construction Operations Center including Bismarck public works, Mandan public works, and NDDOT Bismarck district
Bismarck PW VehiclesBismarck public works vehicles
Bismarck TOCBismarck Traffic Operations Center
Bismarck TOC Field DevicesRoadside Equipment includes any and all equipment distributed on and along the roadway which monitors and controls traffic. This can include equipment for tolling or Black Cat radar for speed detection and reporting.
Central Dakota Communications Center911 and dispatch center for City of Bismarck, Mandan, and Burleigh County
Government Reporting Systems'Government Reporting Systems' represents the system and associated personnel that prepare the inputs to support the various local, state, and federal government transportation data reporting requirements (e.g. Highway Performance Monitoring System, Fatality Analysis Reporting System) using data collected by ITS systems. It represents a system interface that provides access to the archived data relevant to these reports. In most cases, this system will combine data collected from ITS archives with data from non–ITS sources to assemble the required information.
Lincoln PWLincoln Public Works Department
Lincoln PW VehiclesLincoln public works vehicles
Mandan Engineering Field DevicesMandan traffic field devices
Mandan PW Operations CenterMandan public works operations
Mandan PW VehiclesMandan public works vehicles
Mandan Traffic EngineeringMandan traffic engineering
MediaRepresents the information systems that provide traffic reports, travel conditions, and other transportation–related news services to the traveling public through radio, TV, and other media
Morton County CommunicationsMorton County communications department
Morton County PWPublic Works Department of Morton County
Morton County PW vehiclesMorton County Public Works Vehicles
Morton County Sheriff VehiclesMorton County Sheriff department vehicles
NDDOT District Field DevicesNDDOT District field devices
NDDOT District OfficeNDDOT District maintenance and construction
NDDOT District VehiclesNDDOT District maintenance and construction vehicles
NDHP VehiclesNDHP vehicles
State RadioNorth Dakota State Radio
Transit Fare CardBis–Man Transit fare card