Functions are a description of WHAT the system has to do. In the architecture, functions are defined at several different levels. Each inventory element is mapped to one or more physical objects from ARC–IT. The general descriptions associated with these physical objects identify functionality in a very general sense. At the next level of detail, most of the ITS elements have been mapped to one or more "Functional Objects" that provide additional functional detail. At the most detailed level, each functional object includes several specific Functional Requirements that more precisely specify the functions to be performed. All three levels of detail are available on this web site. The subsystems and functional objects that are associated with the regional ITS architecture are listed in the table below. Each table entry is a link to more detailed descriptions and functional requirements.

SubsystemFunctional Area
Archived Data SystemArchive Situation Data Archival
CenterCenter Data Collection
Commercial Vehicle Administration CenterCVAC Credentials and Taxes Administration
Emergency Management CenterEmergency Call–Taking
Emergency Dispatch
Emergency Early Warning System
Emergency Evacuation Support
Emergency Incident Command
Emergency Response Management
Emergency Routing
Emergency Vehicle OBEEV On–Board Incident Management Communication
ITS ObjectITS Management Support
ITS Security Support
ITS Roadway EquipmentRoadway Automated Treatment
Roadway Basic Surveillance
Roadway Data Collection
Roadway Field Management Station Operation
Roadway Signal Control
Roadway Speed Monitoring and Warning
Roadway Traffic Information Dissemination
Roadway Variable Speed Limits
Roadway Warning
Maint and Constr Management CenterMCM Automated Treatment System Control
MCM Environmental Information Collection
MCM Incident Management
MCM Vehicle Tracking
MCM Winter Maintenance Management
Maint and Constr Vehicle OBEMCV Environmental Monitoring
MCV Vehicle Location Tracking
MCV Winter Maintenance
Personal Information DevicePersonal Interactive Traveler Information
Personal Traveler Information Reception
Security Monitoring EquipmentField Secure Area Surveillance
Traffic Management CenterTMC Data Collection
TMC Evacuation Support
TMC Signal Control
TMC Traffic Information Dissemination
TMC Variable Speed Limits
Transit Management CenterTransit Center Fixed–Route Operations
Transit Center Paratransit Operations
Transit Center Vehicle Tracking
Transit Vehicle OBETransit Vehicle On–Board Fare Management
Transit Vehicle Passenger Counting
Transportation Information CenterTIC Traveler Information Broadcast