Each stakeholder agency, company, or group owns, operates, maintains or plans ITS systems in the region. The Regional ITS Architecture inventory is a list of "elements" that represent all existing and planned ITS systems in a region as well as non–ITS systems that provide information to or get information from the ITS systems.

DriverNorth Dakota Drivers
Forecasting CenterIteris/Meridian Environmental Technologies
Highway PatrolNorth Dakota Highway Patrol
Local Jurisdiction Maintenance CentersCity and county maintenance and construction management.
Local Jurisdiction Traffic Control CentersCity and country traffic management.
Local Jurisdiction Traffic Control Devices 
Local Jurisdiction Transit CentersThese are transit centers in cities and counties that are outside the scope of ND MPOs.
Local Jurisdiction Transit VehiclesThese are transit vehicles in cities and counties that are outside the scope of ND MPOs.
Local Jurisdictions Maintenance VehiclesMaintenance vehicles equipped with AVL, sensors, and other ITS technologies
MediaRadio and television media
MHP Central OfficeMontana Highway Patrol Central Office, Helena
MnDOT CARSMnDOT Condition Acquisition and Reporting System
MnDOT Operations CenterMinnesota DOT maintenance and construction operations
MSP Central OfficeMinnesota State Patrol Central Office, St Paul
MTDOT Operations CenterMontana DOT maintenance and construction operations
ND 511North Dakota Traveler Information System
ND Basic Commercial VehiclesMotorized commercial vehicle platform that interfaces with and hosts ITS electronics. This terminator represents a vehicle that is used to transport goods which are operated by professional drivers, typically administered as part of a larger fleet, and regulated by a Fleet–Freight Manager.
ND Commercial Vehicle Fleet ManagementProvides the capability for commercial drivers and fleet or freight managers to receive routing information and the capability to purchase credentials electronically
ND Commercial VehiclesCommercial vehicles equipped with ITS devices that provide sensory, processing, storage, and communication functions to support safe and efficient commercial vehicle operations.
ND CVO DevicesCommercial Vehicle Operations roadside devices used for electronic clearance and related CVO roadside services such as roadside safety checks
ND Emergency Management CenterState Emergency Operations Center includes handling of day–to–day emergency operations, state radio functions, and SOC (State Operations Center) functions when activated for large scale events and incidents.
ND Transit Vehicles 
NDDOT ATRNDDOT Automated Traffic Recorders
NDDOT Automated Treatment SystemsNDDOT statewide automated treatment systems
NDDOT CamerasNDDOT statewide video surveillance system
NDDOT CARSNDDOT Construction Administration and Reporting System
NDDOT District MaintenanceNDDOT District maintenance and construction centers
NDDOT District TrafficNDDOT district traffic centers
NDDOT Districts DevicesNDDOt districts roadside devices including traffic control devices.
NDDOT DMSNDDOT statewide DMS system
NDDOT Maintenance ManagementNorth Dakota DOT Maintenance Division
NDDOT Maintenance VehiclesNDDOT maintenance and construction vehicles
NDDOT Overheight Detection and Warning System 
NDDOT RCRSNorth Dakota DOT Road Condition Reporting System
NDDOT Regional Transit Centers 
NDDOT RWISNDDOT statewide RWIS system
NDDOT Speed Monitoring SystemNDDOT work zone speed monitoring sensors
NDDOT Traffic Data CollectionNDDOT traffic data collection section
NDDOT VSLNDDOT variable speed limit system
NDDOT WIMNDDOT Weigh In Motion stations
NDHP Motor Carrier OperationsNorth Dakota Highway Patrol oversize/overweight permitting
NDHP VehiclesNorth Dakota Highway Patrol Vehicles
Private CamerasPrivately–owned cameras used by the DOT for surveillance.
RiderNorth Dakota Tranist Traveler
SDDOT IRISSouth Dakota DOT Integrated Road Information System
SDDOT Operations CenterSouth Dakota DOT maintenance and construction operations
SDHP Central OfficeSouth Dakota Highway Patrol Central Office, Pierre
State RadioNorth Dakota State Radio
User Personal Computing DevicesInternet enabled personal computing devices