Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

StakeholderRoleRole StatusElement
(No Stakeholder)  Basic Vehicle
  Cass County Personnel
  Clay County Personnel
  Fargo PW Personnel
  FM TOC Operators
  Moorhead Cameras
  Moorhead PW Personnel
  Other Roadway
  User Personal Computing Devices
  Weather Service System
  West Fargo Engineers
ATACOwnsPlannedFM Data Warehouse
BNSF FargoOwnsExistingBNSF
OwnsExistingRail Wayside Equipment
Cass CountyOwnsExistingCass County Maint Vehicles
OwnsExistingCass County Maintenance
Clay CountyOwnsPlannedClay County Maint Vehicles
OwnsExistingClay County Maintenance
County SheriffsOwnsExistingCounty Sheriff Vehicles
DOTsOwnsExistingFM FAST Anti–icing Systems
OwnsExistingFM Information Service Providers
Fargo EngineeringOwnsExistingFargo Cameras
OwnsExistingFargo Engineers
OwnsExistingFargo TOC
OwnsExistingFargo TOC DMS
OwnsExistingFargo Traffic Sensors
OwnsExistingFargo Traffic Signals
Fargo FDOwnsExistingFargo FD Vehicles
Fargo FMOwnsExistingEV Charging Station
ManagesExistingEV Charging Station
Fargo PDOwnsExistingFargo PD Vehicles
Fargo PWOwnsExistingFargo PW Operations Center
OwnsPlannedFargo PW Roadside Equipment
OwnsExistingFargo PW Vehicle
FM Emergency GroupOwnsExistingEmergency Operators
 ExistingEmergency Personnel
OwnsExistingEmergency Personnel Device
OwnsExistingFM Emergency Management
OwnsExistingFM Emergency Vehicles
FM Event VenuesOwnsExistingEvent Promoters
FM Maintenance GroupOwnsExistingFM Maintenance and Construction Management
OwnsExistingFM Maintenance Personnel
OwnsExistingFM Maintenance Vehicles
FM Traffic Operations GroupOwnsPlannedFM Cameras
OwnsPlannedFM DMS
OwnsExistingFM Rail Crossing Equipment
OwnsPlannedFM Signals
OwnsExistingFM Speed Warning Devices
OwnsPlannedFM TOC
OwnsExistingFM Traffic Operations
OwnsPlannedFM Traffic Sensors
Metro Area TransitOwnsExistingMAT Bus Drivers
OwnsPlannedMAT Kiosks
OwnsExistingMAT Operators
OwnsExistingMAT Traveler Card
OwnsExistingMAT Vehicles
MnDOT D4OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 Cameras
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 DMS
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 Maint Vehicles
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 Maintenance
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 Maintenance Personnel
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 TOC
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 Traffic Personnel
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 Traffic Sensors
OwnsExistingMnDOT D4 Traffic Signals
MnTOC PartnersOwnsPlannedMnTOC
OwnsPlannedMnTOC Operators
Moorhead EngineeringOwnsExistingMoorhead Engineers
OwnsExistingMoorhead TOC
OwnsExistingMoorhead Traffic Sensors
OwnsExistingMoorhead Traffic Signals
Moorhead FDOwnsExistingMoorhead FD Vehicles
Moorhead PDOwnsExistingMoorhead DMS
OwnsExistingMoorhead PD Vehicles
Moorhead PWOperatesExistingMoorhead DMS
OwnsExistingMoorhead PW Operations Center
OwnsExistingMoorhead PW Vehicles
MSP CentralOwnsExistingMN State Radio
MSP DLOwnsExistingMSP DL District
OwnsExistingMSP DL Vehicles
ND DESOwnsExistingND State Radio
NDDOT FargoOwnsExistingNDDOT Cameras
OwnsExistingNDDOT DMS
OwnsExistingNDDOT Engineers
OwnsExistingNDDOT Fargo Maintenance
OwnsPlannedNDDOT Fargo Maintenance Personnel
OwnsExistingNDDOT Maint Vehicles
OwnsPlannedNDDOT Ramp Meters
OwnsExistingNDDOT TOC
OwnsExistingNDDOT Traffic Sensors
OwnsExistingNDDOT Traffic Signals
NDHP FargoOwnsExistingNDHP Fargo District
OwnsExistingNDHP Vehicles
RRRDC Regional PartnersOwnsExistingRRRDC
Sanford AmbulanceOwnsExistingSanford Ambulance Vehicles
West Fargo EngineeringOwnsExistingWest Fargo Cameras
OwnsExistingWest Fargo PW Operations center
OwnsExistingWest Fargo PW Vehicles
OwnsExistingWest Fargo TOC
OwnsExistingWest Fargo TOC Signals
OwnsExistingWest Fargo Traffic Sensors