Service Packages

One of the first steps in developing an architecture is to identify the transportation services that are important to the Region. The following table lists each service package and its applicability to the Region. More information about each service package can be obtained by selecting the service package in the table below.

Service PackageService Package NameStatus
DM01ITS Data WarehouseExisting
DM02Performance MonitoringPlanned
MC01Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment TrackingExisting
MC02Maintenance and Construction Vehicle MaintenancePlanned
MC03Roadway Automated TreatmentExisting
MC04Winter MaintenanceExisting
MC05Roadway Maintenance and ConstructionExisting
MC06Work Zone ManagementExisting
MC08Maintenance and Construction Activity CoordinationPlanned
PS01Emergency Call–Taking and DispatchExisting
Emergency Call–Taking and Dispatch (Centralized)Planned
Emergency Call–Taking and Dispatch (Hybrid)Planned
Emergency Routing (Centralized)Existing
Emergency Routing (Hybrid)Planned
PS02Emergency ResponseExisting
Emergency Response (Centralized)Planned
Emergency Response (Hybrid)Planned
PS03Emergency Vehicle PreemptionExisting
Emergency Vehicle Preemption (Centralized)Existing
Emergency Vehicle Preemption (Hybrid)Planned
PS10Wide–Area AlertExisting
Wide–Area Alert (Centralized)Existing
PS12Disaster Response and RecoveryExisting
PS13Evacuation and Reentry ManagementExisting
PS14Disaster Traveler InformationExisting
PT01Transit Vehicle TrackingExisting
PT02Transit Fixed–Route OperationsExisting
PT03Dynamic Transit OperationsExisting
PT04Transit Fare Collection ManagementExisting
PT05Transit SecurityExisting
PT06Transit Fleet ManagementExisting
PT07Transit Passenger CountingExisting
PT08Transit Traveler InformationExisting
PT09Transit Signal PriorityExisting
ST05Electric Charging Stations ManagementExisting
TI01Broadcast Traveler InformationExisting
TM01Infrastructure–Based Traffic SurveillanceExisting
Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance (Centralized)Planned
Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance (Hybrid)Planned
TM03Traffic Signal ControlExisting
Traffic Signal Control (Centralized)Planned
Traffic Signal Control (Hybrid)Planned
TM05Traffic MeteringPlanned
Traffic Metering (Centralized)Planned
Traffic Metering (Hybrid)Planned
TM06Traffic Information DisseminationExisting
Traffic Information Dissemination (Centralized)Planned
Traffic Information Dissemination (Hybrid)Planned
TM07Regional Traffic ManagementPlanned
Regional Traffic Management (Centralized)Planned
Regional Traffic Management (Hybrid)Planned
TM08Traffic Incident Management SystemPlanned
Traffic Incident Management System (Centralized)Planned
Traffic Incident Management System (Hybrid)Planned
TM13Standard Railroad Grade CrossingExisting
Standard Railroad Grade Crossing (Centralized)Planned
Standard Railroad Grade Crossing (Hybrid)Planned
TM17Speed Warning and EnforcementExisting
Speed Warning and Enforcement (Centralized)Planned
Speed Warning and Enforcement (Hybrid)Planned
TM25Wrong Way Vehicle Detection and WarningPlanned
Wrong Way Vehicle Detection and Warning (Centralized)Planned
Wrong Way Vehicle Detection and Warning (Hybrid)Planned