TI01: Broadcast Traveler Information

Need Area Description

This service package provides a digital broadcast service that disseminates traveler information to all equipped travelers within range. It collects traffic conditions, advisories, general public transportation, toll and parking information, incident information, roadway maintenance and construction information, air quality and weather information, and broadcasts the information to travelers using technologies such as FM subcarrier, satellite radio, cellular data broadcasts, and Internet streaming technologies.

This service package also provides location–specific or situation–relevant information to travelers in vehicles using Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) infrastructure supporting mobility service packages for connected vehicles. DSRC is used to deliver real–time traveler information including travel times, incident information, road conditions, and emergency traveler information to vehicles as they pass connected vehicle roadside equipment along their route. This service package provides public information that is available to all equipped vehicles in the vicinity of the roadside equipment.

Need Area Type: Mobility

Service Package

TI01: Broadcast Traveler Information

Includes Needs

1Traveler Information needs to be able to collect timely, accurate, and reliable traffic, transit, and other road conditions data from multiple sources in order to broadcast the latest conditions affecting travelers.
2Traveler Information needs to be able to inform as much of the traveling public as possible using any available broadcast media to increase mobility and safety through better information.
3Travelers need access to timely, accurate, and reliable traffic, transit, and other travel conditions in order to make informed decisions about their travel.