PT03: Dynamic Transit Operations

Need Area Description

The Dynamic Transit Operations service package allows travelers to request trips and obtain itineraries using a personal device such as a smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. The trips and itineraries cover multiple transportation services (public transportation modes, private transportation services, shared–ride, walking and biking). This service package builds on existing technology systems such as computer–aided dispatch/ automated vehicle location (CAD/AVL) systems and automated scheduling software, providing a coordination function within and between transit providers that would dynamically schedule and dispatch or modify the route of an in–service vehicle by matching compatible trips together. TI06 covers other shared use transportation options.

Need Area Type: Mobility

Service Package

PT03: Dynamic Transit Operations

Includes Needs

1Transit Operations needs to be able to take reservations for demand response trips that include the travelers' origin, destination, and departure time in order to do demand response scheduling.
2Transit Operations needs to be able to schedule demand response transit vehicles based upon travelers trip requests.
3Transit Operations needs to provide and update manifests to properly manage demand response transit vehicles based upon traveler requests.
4Transit Operations needs to be able to monitor the real–time location of demand response transit vehicles.
5Transit Operations need to have real time information about the road network in order to increase the effectiveness of operations for demand response transit.