DM02: Performance Monitoring

Need Area Description

The Performance Monitoring service package uses information collected from detectors and sensors, connected vehicles, and operational data feeds from centers to support performance monitoring and other uses of historical data including transportation planning, condition monitoring, safety analyses, and research. The information may be probe data information obtained from vehicles in the network to determine network performance measures such as speed and travel times, or it may be information collected from the vehicles and processed by the infrastructure, e.g. environmental data and infrastructure conditions monitoring data. Additional data are collected including accident data, road condition data, road closures and other operational decisions to provide context for measured transportation performance and additional safety and mobility–related measures. More complex performance measures may be derived from the collected data.

Need Area Type: Informational

Service Package

DM02: Performance Monitoring

Includes Needs

1System operators need to be able to store vehicle data, transit data, weather data, freight data and other transportation–related data to support traffic data analysis, transportation network performance monitoring, transportation planning, safety analyses and research.
2System operators need to be able to process vehicle data sourced by themselves and other system operators to support performance monitoring, infrastructure conditions reporting, and environmental monitoring. This supports system operator reporting needs and provides the source data and metrics for government reports.