TM13: Standard Railroad Grade Crossing

Need Area Description

This service package manages highway traffic at highway–rail intersections (HRIs) where operational requirements do not dictate more advanced features (e.g., where rail operational speeds are less than 80 miles per hour). Both passive (e.g., the crossbuck sign) and active warning systems (e.g., flashing lights and gates) are supported. (Note that passive systems exercise only the single interface between the ITS Roadway Equipment and the Driver in the physical view.) These traditional HRI warning systems may also be augmented with other standard traffic management devices. The warning systems are activated on notification of an approaching train by interfaced wayside equipment. The equipment at the HRI may also be interconnected with adjacent signalized intersections so that local control can be adapted to highway–rail intersection activities. Health monitoring of the HRI equipment and interfaces is performed; detected abnormalities are reported to both highway and railroad officials through wayside interfaces and interfaces to the Traffic Management Center.

Need Area Type: Safety

Service Package

TM13: Standard Railroad Grade Crossing

Includes Needs

1Traffic Operations need to be able to warn drivers of crossing closures in time for the driver to take appropriate action.
2Traffic Operations need to be able to modify traffic signal timing in order to allow safe movement of vehicles away or towards a highway rail intersection when a train is approaching.