TM05: Traffic Metering (Hybrid)

Need Area Description

This service package provides central monitoring and control, communications, and field equipment that support metering of traffic. It supports the complete range of metering strategies including ramp, interchange, and mainline metering. This package incorporates the instrumentation included in the Network Surveillance service package (traffic sensors are used to measure traffic flow and queues) to support traffic monitoring so responsive and adaptive metering strategies can be implemented. Also included is configurable field equipment to provide information to drivers approaching a meter, such as advance warning of the meter, its operational status (whether it is currently on or not, how many cars per green are allowed, etc.), lane usage at the meter (including a bypass lane for HOVs) and existing queue at the meter.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

TM05: Traffic Metering (Hybrid)

Includes Needs

1Traffic Operations need to be able to monitor and control traffic metering equipment in order to regulate the flow of traffic on ramps, interchanges, and the mainline.
2Traffic Operations need to monitor the status of traffic metering equipment.
3Traffic Operations need to be able to implement control strategies utilizing the traffic metering equipment on ramps, interchanges, and on the mainline.