TM03: Traffic Signal Control (Centralized)

Need Area Description

This service package provides the central control and monitoring equipment, communication links, and the signal control equipment that support traffic control at signalized intersections. A range of traffic signal control systems are represented by this service package ranging from fixed–schedule control systems to fully traffic responsive systems that dynamically adjust control plans and strategies based on current traffic conditions and priority requests. This service package is generally an intra–jurisdictional package. Systems that achieve coordination across jurisdictions by using a common time base or other strategies that do not require real time coordination would also be represented by this package. Coordination of traffic signal systems using real–time communications is covered in the ATMS07–Regional Traffic Management service package. This service package is consistent with typical traffic signal control systems.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

TM03: Traffic Signal Control (Centralized)

Includes Needs

1Traffic Operations need to be able to remotely control traffic signals at intersections under their jurisdiction
2Traffic Operations need to be able to manage and implement control plans in order to coordinate signalized intersections.
3Traffic Operations need to be able to monitor and control pedestrian crossing aspects of traffic signals in order to facilitate safe pedestrian crossings at the intersection.
4Traffic Operations need to monitor the status of traffic signal control equipment.