TM01: Infrastructure-Based Traffic Surveillance (Centralized)

Need Area Description

This service package includes traffic detectors, other surveillance equipment, the supporting field equipment, and fixed–point to fixed–point communications to transmit the collected data back to the Traffic Management Subsystem. The derived data can be used locally such as when traffic detectors are connected directly to a signal control system or remotely (e.g., when a CCTV system sends data back to the Traffic Management Subsystem). The data generated by this service package enables traffic managers to monitor traffic and road conditions, identify and verify incidents, detect faults in indicator operations, and collect census data for traffic strategy development and long range planning. The collected data can also be analyzed and made available to users and the Information Service Provider Subsystem.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

TM01: Infrastructure-Based Traffic Surveillance (Centralized)

Includes Needs

1Traffic Operations need to be able to monitor the road network using infrastructure devices in order to detect and verify incidents and support implementation of traffic operational strategies.
2Traffic Operations need to be able to monitor the infrastructure devices used for road network monitoring in order to detect faults in equipment or communications.
3Traffic Operations need to be able to send network monitoring data to other centers in order to support traveler information.