PS03: Emergency Vehicle Preemption (Hybrid)

Need Area Description

This service package supports automated vehicle location and dynamic routing of emergency vehicles. Traffic information, road conditions, and suggested routing information are provided to enhance emergency vehicle routing. Special priority or other specific emergency traffic control strategies can be coordinated to improve the safety and time–efficiency of responding vehicle travel on the selected route(s). The Emergency Management Subsystem provides the routing for the emergency fleet based on real–time conditions and has the option of requesting a route from the Traffic Management subsystem. The Emergency Vehicle may also be equipped with dedicated short range communications for local signal preemption and the transmission of alerts to surrounding vehicles. The service provides for information exchange between care facilities and both the Emergency Management Subsystem and emergency vehicles.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

PS03: Emergency Vehicle Preemption (Hybrid)

Includes Needs

1Emergency Management needs to be able to request signal preemption from Traffic Operations for a specific emergency vehicle.
2Emergency Management needs to be able request signal preemption locally for one or more signals the vehicle is approaching so that it may quickly and safely cross the intersections.
3Traffic Management needs to be able to adjust signal timing to provide signal preemption for an emergency vehicle based upon a request from Emergency Management.
4Traffic Management needs to be able to support local adjustments to signal timing based upon a local preemption request and transition back to normal traffic signal operations after providing emergency vehicle preemption.