DM01: ITS Data Warehouse

Need Area Description

This service package provides access to transportation data to support transportation planning, condition and performance monitoring, safety analysis, and research. Configurations range from focused repositories that house data collected and owned by a single agency, district, private sector provider, or research institution to broad repositories that contain multimodal, multidimensional data from varied data sources covering a broader region. Both central repositories and physical distributed ITS data repositories are supported. Requests for data that are satisfied by access to a single repository in the ITS Data Warehouse service package may be parsed by the local repository and dynamically translated to requests to other repositories that relay the data necessary to satisfy the request. The repositories could include a data registry capability that allows registration of data identifiers or data definitions for interoperable use throughout a region.

Need Area Type: Informational

Service Package

DM01: ITS Data Warehouse

Includes Needs

1System operators need to be able to store data for long term access by themselves and other operators.
2System operators need to be able to query for and receive archive data products containing freeway data, tolling data, arterial data, parking data, transit and ridesharing data, incident management data, safety–related data, CVO data, environmental and weather data, vehicle and passenger data and intermodal operations data.
3System operators need to be able to manage data processing with regard to data archive functions, including data aggregation, data tagging (processed, edited, raw, transformed, etc.), data storage timing and longevity, data quality analysis, data formatting and metadata assignments.