The Regional ITS Architecture resulted from the consensus input of a diverse set of stakeholders, encompassing traffic, transit, public safety, and many other operating agencies at local, state, and national levels. It includes both public and private sectors and spans the organizations that manage, support, or are impacted by the surface transportation system, with particular focus on agencies that operate transportation systems in the region.

ATACAdvanced Traffic Analysis Center - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute - North Dakota State University
BNSF FargoBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Fargo office
Cass CountyCass county Engineering and Maintenance departments
Cass County EMCass County Emergency Management
Clay County 
Clay County EMClay County Emergency Management
County SheriffsCass and Clay county Sheriff Departments
Fargo EngineeringCit of Fargo Engineering Department
Fargo FDFargo Fire Department
Fargo PDFargo Police Department
Fargo PWFargo Public Works Department
FM AmbulanceAmbulance service for the Fargo Moorhead area
FM Emergency GroupFargo Moorhead Emergency Management Agencies
FM Event VenusFargodome, Fargo Civic Center
FM Maintenance Group 
FM Traffic Operations Group 
Metro Area TransitFargo-Moorhead Metro Area Transit
MnDOT CentralMinnesota DOT Central Office
MnDOT D4MnDOT District 4
MnTOC PartnersAgencies making up the Minnesota TOC for singals on the Minnesota side of the F-M area. Currently MnDOT District 4 and the City of Moorhead are planned participants.
Moorhead EngineeringCity of Moorhead Engineering Department
Moorhead FDMoorhead Fire Department
Moorhead PDMoorhead Police Department
Moorhead PWMoorhead Public Works Department
MSP CentralMinnesota State Patrol Central Office
MSP DLMinnesota State Patrol Detroit Lakes District
ND DESNorth Dakota Division of Emergency Services
NDDOT CentralNDDOT Central Office including Maintenance and Traffic Operations Divisions.
NDDOT FargoNDDOT Fargo District
NDHP FargoNorth Dakota Highway Patrol Fargo District
RRRDC Regional PartnersRed River Regional Dispatch Center
West Fargo EngineeringCity of West Fargo Engineering Department
West Fargo FDWest Fargo Fire Department
West Fargo PDWest Fargo Police Department
West Fargo PWWest Fargo Public Works